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1.0000 ICSC 0226 - BERYLLIUM
    Summary: Transportation UN Classification UN Hazard Class: 6.1; UN Subsidiary Risks: 4.1; UN Pack Group: II STORAGE Provision to contain effluent from fire extinguishing. Routes of exposure The substance can be absorbed into the body in hazardous amounts by inhalation of its aerosol and by ingestion. Effects of long-term or repeated exposure Sensitization to the substance, through repeated or prolonged inhalation or skin contact, may result in serious granulomatous lung disease (chronic beryllium ...

1.0000 Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds (IARC Summary & Evaluation, Volume 58, 1993)
    Summary: Beryllium hydroxide and low- and high-temperature-fired beryllium oxide were tested in rats by intratracheal instillation; beryllium hydroxide produced lung adenocarcinomas and adenomas in one study, and low-temperature-fired (below 900 oC) beryllium oxide produced malignant lung tumours in two studies. Rabbits given intravenous injections of beryllium metal and various compounds of beryllium (zinc beryllium silicate, beryllium silicate, beryllium oxide and beryllium phosphate) developed ...

1.0000 Beryllium (HSG 44, 1990)
    Summary: 2. SUMMARY AND EVALUATION 2.1 Human Exposure The increasing high-technology application of beryllium is paralleled by an increase in potential human exposure to beryllium metal, beryllium oxide, and beryllium-containing alloys. The vast majority of these cases have resulted from previous exposure to high concentrations of beryllium during the extraction and smelting of beryllium, fluorescent tube production (no longer a source of beryllium exposure), and beryllium metal production.

1.0000 Beryllium (EHC 106, 1990)
    Summary: In occupational settings, exposure occurs mainly during the processing of beryllium ores, metallic beryllium, beryllium-containing alloys, and beryllium oxide. Table 1. CAS chemical names and registry numbers, synonyms, trade names and atomic or molecular formulae of pure beryllium and beryllium compoundsa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAS chemical name CAS registry number Synonyms and trade names...

    Summary: Additional physical/chemical properties for beryllium (ICSC 0226), beryllium oxide (ICSC 1325), beryllium sulfate (ICSC 1351), beryllium nitrate (ICSC 1352), beryllium carbonate (ICSC 1353), beryllium chloride (ICSC 1354), and beryllium fluoride (ICSC 1355) are given in their International Chemical Safety Cards, which have been reproduced in this document. Beryllium metal, beryllium alloys, and beryllium oxide are the commercially important end products of beryllium processing, respectively ...