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1.0000 Tungsten carbide (Screening Information Data Set - SIDs)
    Summary: Workplaces OECD SIDS TUNGSTEN CARBIDE UNEP PUBLICATIONS 10 At the H. C. Starck manufacturing site, tungsten carbide is manufactured by several processes, which have in common that tungsten carbide is formed at elevated temperature. Biomonitoring data of hardmetal workers (exposed to various tungsten compounds, including tungsten carbide) as well as in vitro studies with human blood plasma and lung tissue cytosol, respectively, indicate that the bioavailability of inhaled tungsten carbide is ...

    Summary: Effects of long-term or repeated exposure Repeated or prolonged inhalation of dust particles may cause effects on the lungs. ENVIRONMENT Environmental effects of the substance have been adequately investigated, but no significant effects have been found. Health effects of exposure to the substance have not been investigated adequately.