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1.0000 JECFA Evaluations-SULFURIC ACID-
    Summary: Summary of Evaluations Performed by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives SULFURIC ACID INS: 513 Chemical names: SULFURIC ACID Functional class: ACID Latest evaluation: 1976 Specifications: COMPENDIUM ADDENDUM 10/FNP 52 Add.10/34 (METALS LIMITS) (2002) Previous status: 1976, FAS 11/FNS 1B-JECFA 20/108. See Also: Toxicological Abbreviations Sulfuric acid (ICSC)

1.0000 ICSC 0362 - SULFURIC ACID, concentrated (> 51% and < 100%)
    Summary: ACUTE HAZARDS PREVENTION FIRE FIGHTING FIRE & EXPLOSION Not combustible. Risk of fire and explosion on contact with bases, combustible substances, reducing agents, water or organic materials. Other UN numbers: UN1831 Sulfuric acid, fuming, hazard class 8, subsidiary hazard 6.1, pack group I; UN1832 Sulfuric acid, spent, Hazard class 8, Pack group II.